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Our Customer

With integrity and pride, we serve our customers in the Department of Defense, US Government Laboratories, and Intelligence Community. Aerospace Technical Services has a strong reputation with our customers for providing exceptional support to genuinely work towards achieving mission success. We are recognized as trusted members of the government team. Our focus is on developing and maintaining a strong relationship with our government and industry partners on every project we support. This relationship is fundamentally built upon integrity and trust. Aerospace Technical Services never compromises our customer's trust.

Visionary Support

Our success is enabled through our ability to bring visionary support to our customer. We bring a unique set of skills that allows for a rich set of possibilities to be considered and traded as we work hand-in-hand with the government team. Vision is a key component for successfully going beyond the usual boundaries and constraints that often haunt programs. Aerospace Technical Services has perfected a method for moving teams beyond these constraints and exploring new possibilities that have proven to yield results that exceeded initial customer expectations. We continue to help government teams delve into new possibilities as we tackle difficult space systems engineering challenges.